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Start 2019 with ICANN's LAC regional newsletter. Read about our all-hands meeting in our regional office in Montevideo and check the latest news from the region and ICANN in our January edition>> Empieza este 2019 leyendo nuestro boletín LAC. Lee todo sobre nuestra reunión en la oficina regional de Montevideo y entérate de las últimas noticias de la región LAC y de la #ICANN en nuestra edición del mes de enero>> Comece neste 2019 lendo nosso boletim da LAC. Leia tudo sobre nossa reunião no escritório regional de Montevidéu e saiba mais sobre as últimas notícias da região da LAC e sobre o #ICANN em nossa edição de janeiro >> Commencez cette année 2019 en lisant notre bulletin d'information de LAC. Informez-vous sur notre réunion tenue dans le bureau régional de Montevideo et découvrez les dernières nouvelles de la région LAC et de l'#ICANN dans notre édition de janvier >>
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i no that ICANIN is the best tin to
ICANN is totally worthless because it is both unwilling and unable to exercise any oversight of the ...various Registrars. Meanwhile most Registrars have discovered that there simply are NO RULES whatsoever. See More
ICANN...who are people behind it and WHY they are controlling domain names? Who give them the author...ity to do that? If you called the LA customer service number the message you'll get will be: "we are experiencing technical issues please call us later". It sound like scam, isn't it? But this is not a problem, the problem is they manipulate with people's domain names by changing DNS setup inside registrant account. Who give them access to it???? They asking domain's owner for a verification of domain ownership. Who give them this authority??? By changing domain's DNS setup they putting website off the internet for days, etc. If you start asking questions about this organization nobody can give you a clear answers what this scam is and why it was created? See More